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We are so glad to have you here. This is not just another women’s network, it’s a special place where the unique need of every woman is identified and met in “the room” in a way that enables her to feel and be whole, fulfilled, passionate and empowered to go after her dreams, vision and purpose, delivering it with a spirit of service and excellence. Our global platform is designed to enable today’s modern Christian woman connect and build strong relationships with other women from diverse backgrounds. Our goal is to create a community that’s welcoming, supportive and inspiring while educating, enriching and empowering women in their effort to grow and achieve their dreams.

POWER-UP Ladies!

Words are Powerful!

They can put purpose into perspective, build courage, motivate and push us beyond our limits. Words not only inspire, they can also help us identify a mantra to live by.

Are you looking for some weekly inspiration? Perhaps a word to keep you grounded, focused, and give the boost you need to complete a task and accomplish your goals?

 Listen to our EPR women as they share their go-to “Power words” that invoke thoughts and actions, empowering you every week! 

This week’s power word is  JOY and it’s brought to you by Taiwo Ologun, Regional Sales Director at Oracle.

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A place where women of diverse backgrounds gather to grow together, professionally, spiritually, and personally.

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