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The Focus Areas for EPR Global Program


*Focus areas*

At The Leadership Institute, we believe every woman has the ability to lead from any position she finds herself and at any time in the course of her career, business, ministry, vocation, or enterprise. EPR Global we lead, network, mentor, and pray.


TLI is responsible for:

  • 6 ALM sessions a year (Feb, April, June, August, October, December)
  • The Leadership Summit (in selected country)
  • The Social Enterprise Pitch competition (in selected country)
  • Running the Accelerator Program annually. At a minimum, this includes 5 business development / mentoring sessions.

Skill sets needed –

  • Project Management and presentation skills
  • Creatives for marketing including….flyers, video creation, workbook creation, and script writing.
  • Administrative duties – Data entry, drafting and sending out letters, record keeping, coordinating and planning.


  • We are all expected to join and support at every ALM
  • Understanding what the local and global teams need and provide support like the Leadership Summit and Emergence Conference.

We have created a networking platform where women can connect, support and learn from one another.

*Focus areas*

  • The virtual Emergence Conference (November 2024)
  • Annual Tea Party (August 2024)
  • International Women’s Day 2024 (March 2024)
  • Bimonthly (2) Inspiring conversations
  • Monthly webinar (3rd Saturday of each month)

The SIA is a platform for women to develop their spirit, soul and body through the power of prayer and meditation on scriptures.

Focus areas

1. Command the Week
2. The Call- prayers for the persecuted church and the nations (every Saturday)
3. Holy Ghost Hour (1st-3rd of every month)
4. 40 days of fasting & prayer (October -November 2024)
5. Intercession for individual prayer requests (Every Saturday)

What we do:

At the Spiritual Intelligence Agency we run weekly, monthly and annual programs centered on developing the spiritual woman. Because we have representation in each of the global markets, we get to offer intercession for prayer requests no matter what time of the day they come up. 24/7.

In exchange for your participation/full engagement, this is our commitment to you:

In 365 days
– You will learn to recognize God’s voice
– You will learn to pray scripture
– You will receive your prayer language
– You will recognize your spiritual gifts and grow in its use
– You will have gone through about a third of the bible thanks to our weekly bible reading challenge

Open slots
Administrative lead:
Duties: 1. Prepare invitation letters to prayer leads 2 months in advance of scheduled slot. 2. Update panelist list on zoom 3. Track engagement/attendance on zoom/YouTube for special programs

Creative and Technical writer:
Duties: 1.Curate monthly content for EPR newsletter. 2. Create engaging posts for prayer events. 3. Propose imagery for flier designs

Country specific prayer coordinator:
1. Report intelligence on country prayer needs 2. Respond to prayer requests posted on telegram 3. Source potential prayer leads from the country group.

YouTube Manager
Duties*: 1. Organize playlists 2. Create biweekly community posts 3. Review past live streams for labeling errors.

1. Develop training courses on various aspects of spiritual intelligence for the community website. 2. Source for course contributors 3. Extract and collate prophecies issued at EPR programs and events

We invest in mentoring relationships to develop others and create a win-win for both mentor and mentee. Meaningful engagement through authentic mentoring relationships is one of the pillars of the Global Mentoring Program.

*Focus areas*

  • 5 x 5 Mentoring
  • Executive Coaching
  • Community Mentoring Program


Ensures the operational efficiencies, optimization of processes, management of data/digital assets and excellence in business operations

Preferred Skills: Analytical skills, problem solving, process improvement e.g lean six sigma, agile

Responsible for internal and external communication for EPR Global programs and events.

Preferred Skills: Content development, strong written commumication skills, creative mindset

Public Relations & Marketing: Responsible for all PR, publicity and marketing for EPR global programs and events

Preferred Skills: Familarity with digital marketing tools and analytics platforms, creative mindset

Responsible for maintaining the website and events portal for EPR Global

Preferred Skills: IT, Web design/ maintenance; Business Analysis.

Responsible for managing all global EPR programs and events.

Preferred Skills: Project Management, Project Coordination, PMP or equivalent is a plus, Event planning, Agile project management

Responsible for managing the financial books for the organization and assisting with fundraising activities.

Preferred Skills: Book keeping, accounting, fundraising, grant writing.

Country Operations

Supports the delivery of global products at the country level. E.g. Mentoring, Women’s Professional Network, The Leadership Institute.

Focused on driving engagement on the EPR digital platforms e.g. EPR Global community, Social Media etc.

Focused on leading and coordinate spiritual development and prayers tailored to each country’s unique needs and aligned with the Spiritual Intelligence Agency team.

Focused on coordinating all local country events.



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