Fireside Chats with Thought Leaders

Roundtable Chat with Shile, Lola and Dami

Managing and Thriving in Disruption Given the global pandemic and chaos, it takes a lot to navigate a business through a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) environment. Learn how to mitigate risks and come up with creative ideas to enable the business service and thrive.

Fireside Chat with Priscilla Anany

Changing hearts and minds using the power of entertainment Learn how to use the power of creativity, media and entertainment to touch hearts and minds and move people into the state to create a better future. All over the world, the biggest influencers are those in the entertainment industry. One top entertainer has over 155 million followers on Instagram alone […]

Fireside Chat with Chuba & Chine Ezekwesili

Leveraging the design thinking process to turn your ideas into solutions This is the age where an inquisitive mind and the ability to ask the right questions leads to designing right solutions as part of a process now widely referred to as design thinking. Almost every innovative company in the world uses some form of design thinking in coming up […]

Fireside Chat with Adenrele Adesina

The boss lady’s guide to walking confidently in the corridors of power and government The ability to manage competing stakeholder expectations and demands while speaking boldly to power, walking in truth and integrity, is mandatory in the corridors of power and paramount to serving your community. Pick up great nuggets on the skills needed to thrive as a woman in […]

Fireside Chat with Jimi Tewe

Unleashing your pioneer spirit to take on new frontiers Mindset is everything. You can only truly achieve what you have set out in your mind to achieve with the belief that you can. In the midst of global chaos, learn practical steps on how to make paradigm shifts that will pivot your career and business to the next level.

Fireside Chat with Bayo Adelaja

Tapping into new digital opportunities to fast track your career and business Learn how to transform your career, business and non-profit by embracing new technologies and creating a digital culture which will fosters growth and opportunities.

Fireside Chat with Joyce Omondi

How to Get Heard Above the Noise Discover keys to crafting your message, developing your brand, engaging your audience, creating your platform, building your community. Your voice matters! Your message needs to be heard! Your voice and message have the power to change someone’s life forever. We all have a voice and a message on something we are passionate about, […]

Fireside Chat with TsiTsi Mutendi

The Savvy Girl’s Guide to Global Business The decade has opened with opportunities to take your business global. Learn how to scale your business, build sustainability and wealth transfer to the next generation. There is a lot that goes into taking a business global and running it sustainably. Many businesses have tried to go down that route and it has […]



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