Resources and Learnings from Thought Leaders

Master Class with Oreoluwa Lesi

5 ways to transform your business using technology Get insights from one of the leading women in the area of technology on tips to grow your business using free online tools to scale and be more competitive in the current digital age

Master Class with Ibukun Ogundipe

5 steps to snag your next promotion Learn from career expert the actions you need to take now to improve your chances of moving up the corporate ladder

Master Class with Toks Aruoture

5 Tips to connect with your authentic self and transform your life Living life from your core empowers you be authentic in your career and business. It’s time to unleash your creativity, all that makes you unique, so you can successful fulfil your dreams and visions

Master Class with Aramide Abe

5 top strategies for virtual business networking With the push for businesses to innovate and deliver their products and services online, learn how to build your network of customers, suppliers, partners and vendors



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