Professional Development Webinars

Career & Business Webinar Series: Aug 2020

Stand out from the Pack In this practical workshop, learn how to create a holistic personal and business brand.

Career & Business Webinar Series: Jul 2020

Soup to Nuts: ABCs of Starting and Maintaining a Business In this practical workshop, learn some key strategies to kicking off and managing a successful business.

Career & Business Webinar Series: Jun 2020

Securing Your Next Job/Role In this practical workshop, learn from top HR professionals on strategies to bag your next role.

Career & Business Webinar Series: May 2020

The Rat Race: The Game Has Changed The rat race as we know it has changed. It’s time to reposition your career and business in order to maximise the opportunities that are now available for your personal and professional success.

Career & Business Webinar Series: Apr 2020

Turning crisis into opportunities Resilience is the ability to bounce back after life’s crisis. Learn some practical principles on how to identify opportunities in the midst of crisis or adversity.

Career & Business Webinar Series: Mar 2020

Rising above bias and inequality In celebration of international women’s day, we speak to three women at different stages of their career on what bias and inequality looks like and how to support other women in ensuring a more equitable working environment.

Career & Business Webinar Series: Feb 2020

Creating Your Personal Board of Directors A practical workshop on identifying the right stakeholders who should be a part of your personal and professional development.

Career & Business Webinar Series: Jan 2020

Courage to Soar: Achieving Balance in Life In order to soar in the new year, it’s important to have the right mindset, a core set of beliefs and faith to ensure a balanced approach to life.



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